Press Monitoring

L’Eco della Stampa’s print monitoring is the benchmark in Italy, as it reaches the highest number of publications in a timely and tailor made digital delivery.

A Team of over 100 people is in charge of the actual monitoring and selection of the articles, supported by advanced OCR and semantic technologies.


Web Monitoring

Our web monitoring is capable of filtering a large number of information online. Thanks to our technology, every hour we go through 15.000 websites constantly updated and categorized by our Team.

Referring to a qualified list is the key to deliver what really matters to our clients.


Radio/TV Monitoring

Since 1987 L’Eco della Stampa monitors radio and television, we are between the few to start this early. Today, thanks to advanced speech-to-text language recognition, we are capable of covering over 100 channels and station in real time.

Every day a team of 40 delivers to our clients the video and radio streaming within 20 minutes from the airing.


Social Media Monitoring

L’Eco della Stampa’s Social Media Monitoring solutions allows you to follow social media conversations in real time.

Our team is specialized in using advanced tools to support our clients in all the key moments: from the setup and constant fine-tuning, to the constant functionalities upgrade, until the selection of the most important metrics for you.


Media Analysis

This is the media analysis team of L’Eco della Stampa. If your goal is to improve you communication strategy, we believe that an efficient media monitoring system is the perfect basement to start measurement and analysis activities.

Our skilled and highly experienced analysts deliver timely reports that include sentiment analysis, average economic value (AVE), key speakers, product placement and many other metrcis.


Platform and App

L’Eco della Stampa’s online platform is the perfect place to keep control of your monitoring throughout different media: print, web, radio, TV and social media may come together or segmented as you prefer to do it.

Export, download and share are easy and fast thanks to a clear and simple layout.

With our new Ecostampa mobile App, it is possible to look at your monitoring as it happens, wherever you are. You can also share each content with your colleagues and be always up-to date.

Icona logo detection.png

Logo Detection

Our new image-recognition technology allow us to detect immidiately any logo that appears on television. We can analyze this data and measure return on insvestment for our customers. This enable any company to track the results of their sponsorships contracts, spot adverstisements and co-marketing campaigns.



Intelligence is the new dashboard to upgrade from media monitoring to media intelligence. Metrics and values coming from press, web, radio, tv and social media monitoring are presented through interactive graphs and charts that give you an overall view of your media coverage.